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Commission for Protection Against Discrimination

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The Commission for Protection against Discrimination (CPD) is an independent specialized public body for prevention and protection against discrimination in the Republic of Bulgaria. It was established in 2005 in compliance with the Protection against Discrimination Act transposing the European Union antidiscrimination Directives. CPD functions in compliance with the Paris Principles and Recommendation No.2 of ECRI. The Commission has a broad mandate, providing protection on 19 grounds listed in Article 4 of the Protection against Discrimination Act and has preventive and awareness-raising functions on equality and tolerance issues. CPD issues legally binding decisions and imposes compulsory administrative measures – mandatory instructions for termination and prevention of discrimination or for restoration of the initial situation. CPD also monitors their implementation.

The organisation is a predominantly quasi-judicial body [1].

Contact details:

Postal address: 35 Dragan Tzankov Blvd., Sofia 1125, Bulgaria

Telephone: +359 2 807 3030

General email address:


Contact person for media enquiries:

  • Lyubomil Panev (for Bulgarian media): +359 2 807 3030

- To find out more information about the grounds/fields of discrimination covered by the organisation, as well as its powers, activities and structure, please download the detailed profile below:

[1According to a European Commission study on Equality Bodies, predominantly quasi-judicial bodies are “impartial institutions which spend the bulk of their time and resources hearing, investigating and deciding on individual instances of discrimination brought before them” (page 43).