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Madam X. was born male and underwent sex reassignment surgery in 1997. Since then she has gone through life as a woman without any problems, until she wanted to take out hospitalisation insurance. The insurance company only wanted to agree to taking out an insurance policy with her if there was a specific exclusion in the policy that related to her trans identity. The judge in the first instance ruled that this condition discriminates against transgender people.


Following the recent focus on the important work of journalists to promote equality and diversity, Equinet is deeply concerned to hear that one of the winners of the European Journalism Award on Diversity has received hateful and threatening posts on social media.

We condemn all forms of online hate speech, and do not tolerate trolls who threaten the work of journalists in general.


Equinet Chair Evelyn Collins and Executive Director Anne Gaspard met with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Chief Commissioner Emily Logan and her team while in Dublin on 17 October last.


On Wednesday 7th December 2016, Equinet is organising the conference "Diverse, Inclusive and Equal: Innovating at the intersections of gender equality". The event will be hosted by the Belgian Institute for the Equality of Women and Men in Brussels.


The European Commission announced the winners of the European Journalist Awards on Diversity at the historical General Post Office in Dublin on Monday, 17th October. This Award recognises excellent journalism that promotes diversity and raises awareness of discrimination in the EU.


9-10 November 2016
Hosted by: Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Budapest


The General Assembly of Equinet Members met in Brussels on 29-30 September for the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM), bringing together heads and senior management representatives from Equinet member equality bodies.

The AGM saw the unanimous ratification of a new membership application from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the Workplan for 2017. A particular focus was given to the development of standards for equality bodies, as well as the use of EEA and Norway grants by equality bodies. The European Directory of Equality Bodies was launched.


The European Directory of Equality Bodies is a new database which brings together up-to-date profiles of our member equality bodies with comparable search options on their mandates, functions and accountability.


On 30 August, Equinet representatives met with a variety of social partners and civil society organisations in order to highlight priorities of Equinet’s draft Work Plan for 2017 and to hear about their current and future priorities in order to find synergies and ways for cooperating in the future.


Equality in Europe and Finland

September 15th 2016

The Equinet Executive Board and Secretariat were invited to Helsinki on 7 September by our Finnish members, the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman and the Ombudsman for Equality, to meet with staff members and Finnish stakeholders to discuss the work of equality bodies and common challenges for equality in Europe.


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