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National Centre for Human Rights

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The Slovak National Centre for Human Rights (SNSLP) fulfils its role in the field of fundamental rights and freedoms, including the rights of children. Therefore the centre:

  • Monitors and assesses the adherence to fundamental rights and to the principle of equal treatment according to the law;
  • Collects and (on request) provides information about racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism in the Slovak Republic;
  • Performs surveys and research in order to provide data in the field of human rights, collects and publicizes information in the field of human rights;
  • Prepares educational activities and takes part in information campaigns with the objective of raising the awareness of tolerance in the society;
  • Provides legal counsel/help to victims of discrimination and intolerance;
  • On request of natural persons or legal persons or from its own initiative issues professional statements concerning the adherence to the principle of equal treatment ;
  • Performs independent investigations concerning discrimination;
  • Prepares and publishes reports and recommendations concerning questions related to discrimination;
  • Provides library services;
  • Provides service in the field of human rights.

The Centre can request courts, prosecutors, other government bodies, territorial self-governments, bodies of interest group self-governments, and other institutions to provide the Centre with information regarding the observance of human rights within a prescribed period.

The Centre may also request information on the observance of human rights from non-governmental organisations operating in the field of human rights, and make agreement with them on the way and scope of providing such information.

The organisation is a predominantly promotion-type and legal support body [1].

Contact details:

Postal address: Kýčerského 5, 811 05 Bratislava, Slovakia


  • +421 2 208 50111
  • +421 2 208 50114
  • +421 2 208 50123

General email address:


Contact person for media enquiries:

- To find out more information about the grounds/fields of discrimination covered by the organisation, as well as its powers, activities and structure, please download the detailed profile below:

[1According to a European Commission study on Equality Bodies, predominantly promotion-type equality bodies “spend the bulk of their time and resources on a broader mix of activities that include supporting good practice in organisations, raising awareness of rights, developing a knowledge base on equality and non-discrimination, and providing legal advice and assistance to individual victims of discrimination” (page 44).