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Breaking the glass ceiling: career progress for women

October 2nd 2017

Equinet Seminar, Tallinn, 13-14 November 2017

On 13-14 November, Equinet is organising a seminar for its members on the issue of (lack of) career progress for women. It will be cohosted by the Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner.


Equinet and equality bodies have had a strong focus on the discrimination women face on the labour market, including issues around harassment and sexual harassment, equal pay, and work-life balance. There are a number of factors contributing to the discrimination women face in seeking access to career progress on an equal footing with their male peers. European level action has focused on work-life balance and women in decision-making, including women on boards. The Equinet Working Group on Gender Equality has highlighted the matter of career progress as an emerging area where legal and policy action are challenging.

Equinet Seminar

This Equinet seminar therefore aims to provide an introduction to the reasons behind women’s lack of career progress compared to their male peers, as well as to discuss the consequences of this gender gap on the labour market. To assist those seeking to promote gender equality in career progress, arguments supporting the utility of equal opportunities in career progress will be discussed, as well as good practice examples where the inequality experienced by women throughout the course of their working lives has been effectively addressed. The legal perspective will be addressed by looking at tools that can be used to address discrimination women may face in access to promotions and career progress.

The seminar will address equality body staff members, and could be of interest professionals focusing on the legal aspects, as well as those working on policy or communication related to women’s career progress.

Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda
Draft Agenda

Registration and Travel Information

Please register via this link by 29 October 2017.

Equinet can only cover the costs of travel and accommodation for one staff member per member organisation. A second person registering from the same organisation will be put on a waiting list and seats remaining after the deadline will be allocated to people on the list based on a first come first served basis.

Equinet will organise your travel and accommodation. On this occasion, we will book 1 single room for 2 nights from 12-14 November unless otherwise required due to your travel schedule.

Regarding flights: We have commissioned the Belgian Air Travel agency to assist us with bookings. Participants who need a flight or an international train to get to the event location are requested to contact the agency and communicate the following information:

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We remind you that it is not allowed to book flights for stays longer than what is necessary to attend the full event.

The information should be sent by email to:

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Please note that particiants are required to keep the original boarding passes used for traveling and mail them back to the Equinet office with your expense claim. Failure to provide original boarding passes will result in your expense claim being rejected.

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