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Development of the new Equinet Strategic Plan 2015-2018

March 18th 2014

[20 October 2014] Update on Draft Strategic Plan

On behalf of the Equinet Executive Board and Secretariat, we are pleased to provide you with the draft Equinet Strategic Plan 2015-2018, which is the result of the extensive consultation process of Equinet Members and key stakeholders that was organized throughout the year.

The Equinet Board wishes to thank Equinet Members for their engagement in this process, and is confident that the draft Strategic Plan attached lays an exciting framework of work for the Equinet Network in the coming years, that is both realistic and ambitious, brings fresh ideas and work whilst keeping a strong line of continuity, and that meets the overall needs, suggestions and concerns shared by Members during the course of the consultation.

In view of the adoption of the Strategic Plan 2015-2018, please note the following next steps:

  • An Equinet Networking Meeting (6 November, 17.30-19.00 in Rome) will be held on the fringe of the High Level Event on Equality (organized jointly by the European Commission and the Italian Presidency of the EU, 6-7 November). It will provide those attending representatives of equality bodies (Equinet Members) invited by EC an opportunity to discuss and exchange views on the draft Strategic Plan 2015-2018 with peers and Board representatives. An invitation has already been sent out to all Members inviting your organization and representative, if attending the Rome high-level event, to register.
  • The final draft of the Equinet Strategic Plan 2015-2018 will be sent to Members mid-November along the voting documents for the Equinet AGM, and will be open to prior written amendment proposals to be submitted by no later than 28 November.
  • Equinet Members will be invited to vote on the adoption of the Equinet Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (and amendment/s if applicable) at the Equinet Annual General Meeting on 4 December in Brussels.

[14 JULY 2014] Update on progress in Equinet Strategic Planning

For your reference, the following documents are now downloadable:

Background and guiding principles

The following principles will guide the content of the new strategic plan:

  • The strategic plan will build on progress made under the existing Strategic Plan 2011-2014 and on achievements of Equinet to date, including the incorporation of the work of the network of gender equality bodies, with a view to further developing the potential of these, whilst also addressing new areas of interest and employing new working methods as required.
  • The strategic plan will ensure that Equinet meets the needs of its members in terms of their diversity, their operations at Member State level, their commitment to networking with their peers and their ambitions at European Union level.
  • The Strategic Plan will ensure that the work of Equinet is relevant to a context for equality bodies at European and Member State levels that is changing and challenging in many instances.

The following principles will guide the process of preparing the new strategic plan:

  • The planning process will be participative and inclusive, especially involving member equality bodies and their staff from across the European Union.
  • The planning process will secure and take into consideration the perspective of key stakeholders at European Union level.
  • The planning process will be led by the Board of Equinet with the support of the Equinet Secretariat and will be discussed, finalized and ratified by the Equinet AGM (2014).


  • The development of the Strategic Plan will involve the secretariat conducting (1) a brief analysis of the context for the next four years and (2) an assessment of the end-of-year external evaluation reports of Equinet’s activities from 2011 to 2013;
  • This brief analysis and assessment will then inform a meeting by the Board to consider and set out a framework of ambitions for the period 2015- 2018;
  • The process will continue with wide ranging consultation with members and key external stakeholders in order to collect their views on Equinet’s future direction and objectives;
  • The material from this consultation will be gathered and synthesised by the secretariat for consideration by the Board; and further dissemination to Members for comments and reaction;
  • The Board will work with the Secretariat to prepare a draft Strategic Plan to be sent to Equinet Members for comments;
  • The final draft Strategic Plan will be considered and agreed by members at their Annual General Meeting in late 2014.

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