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Netherlands Institute for Human Rights (formerly Equal Treatment Commission)

October 26th 2011

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The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has been officially launched at a festive event in Utrecht on 2 October 2012, following an intensive period of preparations led by the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission (ETC). The Institute, as the successor of the ETC and its work, has received a wider human rights remit, going beyond equal treatment and non-discrimination issues.

The organisation is a predominantly quasi-judicial body [1].

Contact details:

Postal address: Kleinesingel 1-3, 3572 CG Utrecht, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 30 888 38 88

General email address:


- To find out more information about the grounds/fields of discrimination covered by the organisation, as well as its powers, activities and structure, please download the detailed profile below:

[1According to a European Commission study on Equality Bodies, predominantly quasi-judicial bodies are “impartial institutions which spend the bulk of their time and resources hearing, investigating and deciding on individual instances of discrimination brought before them” (page 43).