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Ombudsperson for Gender Equality

December 3rd 2013

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According to Croatian law, the responsibilities of the Ombudsperson include:

- receiving complaints from any natural persons or legal entities regarding discrimination in the area of gender equality;

- providing assistance to natural and legal persons who filed a complaint of sexual discrimination when instituting legal proceedings;

- taking steps to investigate individual complaints prior to the legal proceedings;

- conducting, with the consent of the parties involved, a mediation process with a possibility to reach an out-of court settlement;

- collecting and analysing statistical data on cases of sexual discrimination;

- conducting independent surveys concerning discrimination, publishing independent reports and exchanging available information with corresponding European bodies.

Contact details

Postal address: Preobraženska 4/1, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Telephone: +385 1 48 48 100

General email address: