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Unia (Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities)

July 1st 2012

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Unia (Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities) was established on the basis of a parliamentary decision and has its legal base in an Act of Parliament of 15 February 1993 (Moniteur Belge., 19.II.1993), modified by the acts of 13 April 1995 (MB, 25 IV 95), 20 January 2003 (MB, 12 II 03), 25 February 2003 (MB, 17 III 03) which has been replaced by the Act of 10 May 2007(MB 30 V 07).

Initially, support to victims of racial discrimination was Unia’s the central task. Through consecutive Acts of Parliament, Unia’s mandate was extended: it also became competent for issues related to migration, human trafficking, poverty and non-racial discrimination, and denial of the Holocaust.

Unia is a federal public service, but independent in the fulfilment of its missions.

As of July 2012, Unia was appointed as the independent mechanism to fulfil the Belgian obligations of Article 33.2 of the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The organisation is a predominantly promotion-type and legal support body [1].

Contact details:

Postal address: Rue Royale 138, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Helpline: +32 0800 12 800

Telephone: +32 2 212 30 00

General email address:


Contact person for media enquiries:

[1According to a European Commission study on Equality Bodies, predominantly promotion-type equality bodies “spend the bulk of their time and resources on a broader mix of activities that include supporting good practice in organisations, raising awareness of rights, developing a knowledge base on equality and non-discrimination, and providing legal advice and assistance to individual victims of discrimination” (page 44).