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November 23rd 2011

Staff members of Equinet member organisations are kindly invited to register and access the members only area of the website. There they will be able to find more information about Equinet governance, membership and current activities, as well as request and exchange information from colleagues in other equality bodies through the Equinet Forum.

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Seminar: Tackling Ageism & Age Discrimination against Older People

Seminar: Tackling Ageism & Age Discrimination against Older People

Date: 27-28 June 2019 Location: Berlin, Germany
Equinet is organising a capacity building seminar entitled "Tackling Age Discrimination against Older Persons: Building Bridges between Equality Bodies & Older Persons’ Organisations”, together with AGE Platform Europe.
It will be hosted by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency.
Why focus on age discrimination against older persons?
Discrimination on the ground of age, as reflected (...)


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